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Welcome to HYDROSTOP

How does HYDROSTOP work?
Watch a video to see the workings of Hydrostop waterproofing agents.
Launched in 1985, Hydrostop has been developing ever since owing to Polish technical ingenuity, continuous research and expanding our product range. Many years' experience in the technology and production of construction materials along with a loyal and trusting customer base ensure our strong market presence.

Hydrostop is primarily a range of products for effective concrete waterproofing by way of crystallization throughout the concrete's internal structure. Our product range includes tested products for comprehensive waterproofing of residential complexes, underground parking lots, tunnels, water treatment plants and water tanks as well as reinforced concrete repair materials.

Complete installation:

A manufacturer of waterproofing materials for over 20 years, unlike many sellers we at Hydrostop have our own waterproofing teams, whose installations come with workmanship warranties.
Doing business with us, you get a package of expert advice, tested product, full waterproofing service and an extended warranty.

Customer satisfaction:

We make sure every customer gets the best and fullest service, as we are aware a satisfied one will come back with another order and recommend us to others.

Fast delivery

Termin realizacji zamówienia wynosi zazwyczaj do 3 dni roboczych (uzgadniany telefonicznie).

Everlasting effect

The durability of the barrier obtained with the Hydrostop mineral waterproofing materials matches the durability of the concrete being waterproofed. Even if the surface becomes damaged or scraped by mechanical action, the deep sealant penetration will ensure protection throughout the lifetime of the structure. This is new generation concrete waterproofing. Hydrostop offers an uncompromising solution to the permeability problem - once and for all.

Ingredient quality

In choosing components for Hydrostop manufacturing we adhere to the rule: only what is best is good enough. This allows us to ensure very good product properties. Only the best Polish cements and aggregates are used which are unavailable to the average contractor for logistical and cost-related reasons. As such, Hydrostop ready-to-use products (those including cement and aggregate) are superior quality over mixtures obtained from base Hydrostop materials and ingredients available at the construction site.

Assistance and support for customers
dla klientów

In addition to the information on this website, in the catalog and in the guide we also provide telephone advice during our office hours.

For correct selection of waterproofing products, we work with architects and verify construction designs free of charge




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